Look towards Halabja dialect is actually backed by a n

Look towards Halabja dialect is actually backed by a n

c) New eastern Jewish languages display several possess: greatest fret (1), change from [Theta] to 1 (4), reinterpretation off verb category given that shape (5), and you will reflexive pronouns considering nos- (17). Speaking of areal has actually and therefore span the essential split anywhere between Halabja to the one hand and Koy Sanjaq and you may Azerbaijan to your almost every other. It is not clear in which dialect each starts, but they are likely lent from to the anybody else rather than passed down in keeping.

Such around three big groups regarding isoglosses depict only a tiny part of the evidence that is delivered to incur towards taxonomy of your own NENA dialects. Hoberman (1988, 573), having fun with evidence from pronouns, shows the current presence of a north Iraqi dialect category (here illustrated of the Zakho, Tisqopa, and you can Aradhin) and therefore cannot be perceived using the restricted study displayed right here. What is needed now is both fuller descriptions of your own languages already recorded, to make sure that more widespread and you will pinpointing qualities can be found, and also have field work so you’re able to listing the many languages which are towards brink off extinction.

1 Thanks a lot are due to those who contributed analysis and you can pointers, such as for example Gene Gragg, Robert Hoberman, and you can Jo Rubba. Elizabeth.H. summer stipend.

Like, f and you will grams was indeed retained for the conditions such etrog ‘citron’ and you may sefer ‘scroll of your law’, in which on inherited Aramaic language f could have be p and g might have gone away

3 Garbell (1964, 100-103) says your audio system off Jewish Azerbaiaic regarding Kurdish. Continue reading «Look towards Halabja dialect is actually backed by a n»

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